Think back to the nursery rhymes you learned as a kid. You probably didn’t realize it then, but many of them were about home sweet home. There was an Old Lady who Lived in a Shoe… lots of naughty kids and little room. The House that Jack Built… animals and people who make a big mess in Jack’s house, but the Old Lady and Jack did not have to worry about wire fraud.

At Golden Dog Title & Trust, we support you in your efforts to protect your customers from wire fraud and want to stand beside you like a faithful friend. Wire fraud through technology is on the rise as virtual closings continue throughout the US, and it is far from a fairy tale.

Navigating real estate transactions and title closings can be confusing and emotional, and reassuring the buyers along the way is part of the process. Here are a few tips that will help your customers stay alert concerning wire fraud.

  • Scammers often misrepresent themselves as a team member from the real estate or title company. Building a positive, working relationship with your customers can help them sniff out sneaky scoundrels.

  • Encourage your customers to be vigilant when it comes to reading and responding to email. Cyber criminals often change just one or two letters in an email address, and the email can still seem legit. Have your customers add your email address to their contacts as a precaution.

  • Closing instructions rarely change at the last minute. If your customers receive last minute instructions, encourage them to ask…and keep asking! If something seems suspicious, it probably is, and one phone call can thwart a slimy scammer.

We want you to feel at home in our house. Just like it says in our name, Golden Dog Title & Trust is faithful, fiercely loyal and friendly. We would like to be your go-to closing partner. We are eager to hear from you and to help you with all of your closing needs.