What’s In a Name?

Our unique name can be attributed to Katie, the daughter of Golden Dog Title & Trust President, Tom Ralabate, Esq. This conversation began when dad was explaining to his young daughter his role in helping others buy and protect their new home. Katie’s suggestion for this special name was inspired by her recommendation that each new home come with a brand-new dog, a real dog! Her explanation was, there are enough dogs around for every new home to get a new dog. Katie really thought every home needed a loyal canine companion, so she suggested this unique name for the company.

While dad was amused by her enthusiasm, he realized that his little girl’s idea stood for and incorporated the core values of this newly formed company: companionship, excellence, philanthropy, professionalism, and service and support for those moving into our communities.

Fast forward several years and Katie still loves dogs. Our customers and staff have embraced our unique and inviting name. We still get a few questions when meeting someone new, but almost everyone can connect with the idea of Golden Dog being their best friend when it comes to their real estate closing. We have also used our name in our good deeds, supporting many causes with local humane shelters and other pet-centered charities.


Founded in 2014 as Dream Finders, Title LLC., with a mission to provide a superior closing experience, Golden Dog Title & Trust started as a one-office operation in Jacksonville, Florida. As the demand for a reliable title and closing partner grew, so did our company. We expanded our business to Colorado in 2016 and officially rebranded as Golden Dog Title & Trust in 2017. In 2020, we moved into South Carolina. Our customers have embraced us as the title provider who is supportive and secure when doing business. Backed by the latest technology, our seasoned, professional team has always worked hard to make sure your transactions are secure and successful.

It’s been a great journey for the Golden Dog team. Now, we have four offices across Florida, two in Colorado, and one in South Carolina, and we don’t think we are done expanding just yet. We continue our growth in specific markets based on our important relationships; and we are always listening to our clients as they discuss their needs. After all, we take pride in being your title companion, whenever and wherever you need us. The entire Golden Dog Title & Trust team is loyal and ready to work with old friends and new customers alike!

Leadership Team

No matter what Golden Dog Office you find yourself in, you will have an entire group of great people ready to be your closing companion. We are experienced, knowledgeable and ready for your transaction at the closing table. 

Your Reliable Companion.
Here to serve you.